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At Daydream Away Events, the goal is to plan events that are personalized to YOU! I have mostly planned weddings but they range widely in budget which is an important thing for event planning. I love to collect ideas and try new things when it comes to events because it is not a "one size fit all." Each one is special and needs that one-of-a-kind treatment. I take pride in my work so far and am excited to be apart of other once in a lifetime experiences!

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Land Between The Lakes, KY

This was my very first wedding and I was lucky enough to be the planning coordinator and the bride! Though it was something I had never done before, it brought me such joy to have a vision come to life! I did everything from booking vendors, making a schedule, creating decor and setting everything up. This will truly be a day that I found the love of my life and my passion for event planning!


Wild Vines Venue

Every event comes with it's challenges, this one was no different. The wedding was two states over but I was still determined to make it a dream come true. Though small and intimate, there were many factors to consider to make this everything that the bride and groom were looking for to celebrate them starting a life together. It was a huge reward to see the look on their faces when everything was put together exactly as they were hoping it would. That is the biggest reward of this industry!

Event Portfolio: Event Portfolio


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